This gallery contains images of paintings created by Alan over the last 35 years. His medium for painting is predominately acrylic paint. Sometimes he will pick up a medium or mix of mediums, (charcoal, pastels, oil, watercolours, bamboo, dried paint skins, etc.), or use any method of application, depending on which satisfies the creative needs, situation, or availability at that time. On one occasion while on a retreat in rural Ontario, in the dead of winter, he created a series of landscapes using chunks of charcoal taken directly from a fireplace.

The aim is not to make wall decorations that satisfy an academic or desired condition. Alan’s work is creative art which concerns the senses and opening possibility.

These paintings exhibit a practice that uses techniques and representations of abstraction but retains a sense of realism. This ambiguity creates a tension within each work’s context of transience.

Over a period of a few years Alan was privileged to participate in various Native spiritual ceremonies. The paintings created out of these experiences were created with the intent to not imitate existing native forms and styles but to create authentic works out of his own experience. Some of those paintings are represented in this website.

There are images in the website representing series of paintings. One series, created about thirty years ago is named “Love Letters”. The intention was to create a series of twenty paintings that represented the ideal of contextual love.  Most of these paintings reside in private collections in Asia, USA, Europe and Canada.

Other than a few series of paintings the predominant characteristic of AlanHooper’s production is the uniqueness of each new artwork but with Alan’s unique sense of colour and an almost child like or unrestrained brush. You sense an Alan Hooper painting before you understand it or recognize it.

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