Instagram Images

Yes, my images are on Instagram, hooper_studios Now and then one of my images will seem to work on its own and I send it off to be posted on Instagram. Its not so much a […]

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Intersection,transience, interdependence, a picture of a moment.

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Demolition Project

The Demolition Gallery displays a few photos of the demolition of the outdated Women’s College Hospital in downtown Toronto. The photos were captured over a couple of years. The demotion included a number of buildings spread over […]

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Alleyway Photo Project

The Alleyways photo project was shot in early mornings over a two year period. The transition of light, colour and tone from darkness into daylight imbued this project with a wide range of expression. Each […]

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About Alan’s Art

It’s a matter of being who you are, having an intention and being with what is happening. Alan’s medium for painting is predominately acrylic paint. Sometimes he will pick up a medium or mix of […]

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Ice and Stone

The walk to my studio takes me along a curving, stone path. Over forty years I have noticed its changes and transience, especially in the winter. On the day this photo was taken the temperature had turned mild earlier on that winter […]

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Found-Environment Art

Walking through a railway underpass became walking through a transient artwork of Found-Environmrnt Art which you can see in the Colour Wall gallery. These photos were taken during a couple of eager return trips to a railway underpass in downtown Toronto. Water […]

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Table of Stones Project

  On December the 26th of last year, I began a new project which I refer to as the Table of Stones. On my walk to the studio there is a weathered, wooden, round, patio table […]

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