About Alan’s Art

It’s a matter of being who you are, having an intention and being with what is happening in the moment.

Alan’s medium for painting is predominately acrylic paint. Sometimes he will pick up a medium or mix of mediums, (charcoal, pastels, oil, watercolours, bamboo, dried paint skins, etc.), or use any method of application, depending on which satisfies the creative needs, situation, or availability at that time. On one occasion while on a retreat in rural Ontario, in the dead of winter, he created an inspired series of direct and sensitive landscapes using chunks of charcoal taken directly from a fireplace. That is the way of Alan’s art. 

The aim is not to make wall decorations that satisfy an academic or desired condition. Alan’s art is creative, fine art which concerns the senses and opens possibility.

Alan has been a full time professional fine artist since 1980 and was previously a graphic designer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the designer and proprietor for Hooper Studios, graphic design studios. About twelve years ago someone put a digital camera in Alan’s hands and he was hooked.

Alan’s painting practice uses techniques and representations of abstraction, and even with a digital camera there is still Alan’s commitment to an authentic art of sensitivity and the reality of transience.

Alan’s art is included in private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and Asia. He displays his art by appointment in his gallery in Toronto.


Rock-and-Ice-0012, Alan Hooper, 130301

                                         Blue Ice Crystal

All of Alan’s works are executed with the best materials available to him. He chooses those materials which satisfy his creative needs and uses them to the best of his ability.
Copyright on Alan’s art is owned by Hooper Studios or Alan Hooper and no image or any part of it may be reproduced or copied without written consent from Hooper Studios or Alan Hooper.

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Contact: alan@alanhooperart.com

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